DECREE 214/2002, of July 30th, regulating the tour guides of Andalusia.

Law 12/1999 of December 15th, of Tourism, approved exercising the exclusive jurisdiction that in this matter holds the Autonomous Community of Andalusia according to Article 13.17 of the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia, declares the tourist information as a tourist service.

Its Article 49 determines that it is considered an exclusive activity of the tourist guides the provision in a regular and gainful way of tourist information services to who conduct visits to the Andalusian Historical Heritage assets. The law states that for the exercise of this activity is necessary to be in possession of the corresponding authorization, which shall be issued in accordance with the terms established by regulation.

The tour guide is a technical, qualified and specialized professional, whose main function is to conduct and report – in a planned, organized and truthfully way – tourist groups in destinations and/or some certain routes for a set time.

According to the Regulations, the tour guide is the person authorized to make visits in the Andalusian Historical Heritage. The official guide is the best guarantee of receiving a quality tourist service.

If you want a visit with quality, hire the services of a licensed tour guide. Always ask for identification and the official license.