Guided Tours

On a guided tour you can admire the main monuments and sights of the city, learning  about its history, legends and anecdotes.

Be seduced by the charm of its narrow and irregular streets, steep slopes, monuments, stately homes, emblazoned doorways, old coat of arms and various viewpoints from where you can admire magnificent views of other parts of the city and its spectacular «Tajo». Discover the Muslim, Renaissance and Baroque heritage that is housed within its walls, where you can read and interpret the glory years of the Arab and Christian Ronda.

Here you can find some of my suggestions to visit Ronda. I’m sure that one of these options will fit your needs; but in case they don’t, let me know what you would like to visit and I will make a tailor-made itinerary according to your preferences.

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Ronda by its natural environment, its various viewpoints, its wide monumental wealth and history, has become one of the most visited and interesting cities of Andalusia.

Símbolo universal de Ronda

Puente Nuevo

On this guided tour we will know the two most important monuments of the city: The Bullring, considered the birthplace of modern bullfighting and stage of Traditional Corrida Goyesca; and The New Bridge, universal symbol of the city, that spans the famous gorge of “El Tajo de Ronda”.

On our tour we will also visit the Casa de Don Bosco, a modernist style mansion with a beautiful garden where we can see one of the most breathtaking views of Ronda and its Serrania.

Monumental coso taurino. Uno de los más antiguos de España

Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda

Additionally, we will complete our tour with a walk around «La Ciudad», the oldest part of Ronda. This part of Ronda holds the soul and history of itself. We will cross its cobblestone streets, where we will see the magnificent stately homes up to the Plaza de la Duquesa de Parcent, heart of «La Ciudad» and surrounded by notable buildings, in which it mainly emphasizes the Church of Santa María de la Encarnación or Iglesia Mayor (optional visit). On the way back, we will go to the Plaza del Gigante, and the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Paz, where we can admire its beautiful baroque interior, if open.

This tour is the most popular both for its content and its duration.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you visit the Church of Santa Maria duration will be approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.


If you have more time and want to know more about the historic center of Ronda, this tour allows you to learn well about the same. I will show you the entire area of La Ciudad, through its most characteristic and hidden corners. Discover the urban fabric of the historic center where the contrasts between its Muslim past and Christian present are obvious.

Monumental puerta de entrada

Arco de Felipe V

On this guided tour, in addition to the route of EMBLEMATIC RONDA, we will descend to the Old Bridge. On the way down, we will see the House of the Moorish King, the Palace of the Marquis de Salvatierra and the Arch of Felipe V. In addition we will see the Old Suburb where are the Arab Baths and the Bridge of the Tanneries or Arab Bridge. Later, we will go up through the Gardens of Cuenca located on the ledges of the Tajo and distributed in terraces from where you can enjoy magnificent views and perspectives of the city in a unique and unforgettable tour.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours.


Ronda is divided into three distinct parts: La Ciudad, El Mercadillo and the Barrio de San Francisco; popularly known as El Barrio; separated by strong barriers and such peculiar characteristics that make it looks like three distinct towns.

Iglesia de la Merced

Iglesia de la Merced

This guided tour offers a walk through these three neighborhoods.

On this tour, we will start from the new part of Ronda (El Mercadillo) at Plaza de la Merced next to the church of the same name. We will walk through the main promenade in Ronda, Alameda del Tajo, towards the Bullring whose interior can be visited (optional).

Frente a esta puerta se encuentra el Barrio de San Francisco

Puerta de Almocábar e Iglesía del Espíritu Santo

After crossing the New Bridge that spans the amazing Tajo, we will penetrate into La Ciudad through its narrows and labyrinthine streets.

Finally, we will arrive at El Barrio de San Francisco, formed by alleys of similar houses arranged around a large square located in front of Almocábar Gate and its wall, which separates this neighborhood of «La Ciudad».

Duration: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you visit the Bullring, duration will be about 3 hours.


The visit of Ronda at twilight is unique for its spectacular sunset over the mountains and its illuminated monuments, without the bustle of visitors who crowd the streets every day.

Atardecer en Paseo Blas Infante

Atardecer en Paseo Blas Infante

This guided tour starts next to the Bullring, where you get an overview of the city. We will enjoy the breathtaking sunset from the gardens of Paseo Blas Infante, from its excellent viewpoints on the edge of “El Tajo”. Then we will go to the New Bridge and we will walk through the streets of “La Ciudad” (Old City), where we will visit its squares and streets, and the exteriors of some of its most significant monuments.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This tour can also be performed during the day and is ideal for visitors who do not have much time and want to know the essence of the city.


Learn the most spectacular and beautiful places in the city and enjoy a flamenco show in a unique place in Ronda.

Embrujo y duende


We will finish our guided tour by attending a flamenco show, where you can enjoy a drink or even if you want, you can taste the best cuisine.

You have the chance of mixing any of my proposals with flamenco show or if you wish, I can also design a personalized tour.

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